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House Foundation in Greater Houston, TX

Have you noticed cracks appearing in your drywall or outside in your brickwork? Do doors and windows seem to be “sticking?” You could have a problem with your foundation.

The soil around your home is in a constant state of change. Plants and dry conditions can cause it to shrink, while rain and inadequate drainage can cause it to expand. Thanks to these constantly changing soil conditions, your concrete foundation can crack, shift and settle. Even a minor issue with your foundation can quickly become a serious problem.

At Wilson Foundation Repair, we provide prompt, thorough and reliable concrete foundation repairs in Greater Houston, TX so that you can avoid further damage and provide your home with the support it needs. When you call on us, we'll take the time to evaluate the state of your concrete foundation and recommend an effective course of action for repairing the problem at hand.

Cracked Slab or Pier & Beam

No matter which type of foundation you have we will level that house for you. The majority of homes in Texas are constructed on concrete slabs. We provide both exterior and interior piers for concrete slab homes.

Older Texas homes are often constructed above ground level and rest on visible piers or cinder blocks. These are referred to as Pier & Beam foundations. We have more than 20 years experience leveling such foundations. 

Don’t let a foundation problem continue to compromise the structural integrity of your home. Call Wilson Foundation Repair today for an inspection and estimate.